Naked Talk

Follow host Queen Banda as she talks with members of the community about life, current events and holds open discussions about highly debatable topics

Photo: Faded Image Barbershop

Wareham Gatemen

Do you want to go out to the ballgame but don't have time to make the drive? Well now you can watch the Wareham Gatemen play baseball weekly on WCTV's education channel!

Photo: Spillaine Field

The Pier View Restaurant

Meet Stevie Baptise and his daughter. A Veteran of the United States Army, Stevie is also a veteran of the food industry running the Pier View for 38 years. Along the way Stevie has crossed paths with many great people in and around Wareham. You can find him almost everyday at the Pier View talking with friends and family and interacting with the guests. Come visit The Pier View Restaurant in Onset for amazing homestyle breakfast and brunch options made fresh everyday.

Photo: Pier View Owner Stevie

Photo: Horseshoe Pond Dam

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