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We recently redesigned our site, so take a minute and look around. Some direct links have changed, so be sure to change your bookmarks!
As we dive into fall, our classes are kicking up. Now is the best time to sign up if you are interested in learning about video production. Stop by and talk with one of our staff and we’ll get you started.
And remember- don’t just watch TV…make it!


The latest videos added to our Video on Demand:

Wareham Fall Town Meeting - Night 2 - 10-28-2014

Wareham Fall Town Meeting - Night 1 - 10-27-2014

Wareham Finance Committee 10-27-2014

Wareham Selectmen Mtg 10-27-2014

Sidewalk Arts Festival 2014

Wareham Housing Authority Board Meeting 10-22-14

Wareham Viking News: The Morning show 10.24.14

"Senior Night" Brianna Williams

Wareham Board of Selectmen Meeting 10-21-14

Wareham Planning Board Meeting 10-20-14

Wareham Finance Committee Public Hearing 10-16-14

Wareham School Committee Meeting 10-15-14

Wareham Board of Selectmen Meeting 10-14-14

Wareham Finance Committee Meeting 10-8-14

Wareham Board of Selectmen Meeting 10-7-14

Wareham Planning Board Meeting 10-6-14


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